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Regular attendance is essential if students are to achieve their full potential. 

High Attendance: The Key to Student Success

At RMAT, we believe regular attendance is essential for students to maximise their educational opportunities. It empowers them to become confident, resilient adults who reach their full potential and contribute positively to their communities. We value all students and collaborate with families to understand reasons behind absences and work together towards solutions.

Our Attendance Policy: A Roadmap to Success

Our comprehensive Attendance Policy outlines expectations for students, families, and the Trust. It's more than just rules; it's a cornerstone of our improvement efforts, intertwined with our policies on safeguarding, bullying, behaviour, and special needs.

Key Goals of the Attendance Policy:

  • Understanding the Importance: We aim to ensure all students, parents, and carers understand the critical role attendance plays in academic success.
  • Identifying Potential Issues: Poor attendance can indicate deeper concerns. We work with families to prioritise attendance and see it as a reflection of our strong school culture.
  • The Impact of Absence: Research and our internal data consistently demonstrate a clear link: higher attendance leads to better outcomes. Students with perfect attendance achieve an average of 2½ grades higher than those with attendance below 90%. Every drop in attendance, even from 100% to 98%, translates to lower achievement.

While some absences are inevitable, we cannot overemphasise the importance of regular attendance in setting our students up for success.